Wednesday, April 13, 2016

'Let's Make Some Plans' For New Close Lobsters

This year has really sucked, but at this moment it feels as if the dark clouds are dissipating. What is there to smile about? Just listen...

Yes, that's new music from my beloved Close Lobsters. We only had to wait two years this time, and that's a blink of an eye in lobster years. This is when I would normally fawn over "Under London Skies", but what's the point? Surely you already know I think this band is valedictorian of the class of 'C86', and I freely admit when it comes to the pride of Paisley I'm an unapologetic sycophant. Fortunately, they haven't made me look like an idiot yet. I will say the line "this is the London of the Clash" made me raise my fist in the air moments ago. Nice touch, fellas.

Preorder the 'Desire and Signs EP' from Shelflife Records for a June 3 release. Early orders of the 7" will be on gold vinyl. The digital download also features "Wander Epic Parts I & II", "Wander Epic Part III" and an alternate mix of "Under London Skies".

While you're listening to "Under London Skies" again, and you know you want to, enjoy my brief brush with Andrew Burnett from 2014.

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