Saturday, November 8, 2014

When the Wife's Away, Scritti Politti Will Play

I'm not a fan of 'Anomie & Bonhomie,' but I can even find something redeeming from Scritti Politti's worst moment. The Mrs., as you no doubt know by now, hates every note the band ever put to wax. She's on the road again, however, so I can shed the headphones and freely move about the abode while I get my Green on... although I must say the beautiful "Brushed With Oil, Dusted With Powder" may be my favorite song to listen to on the old Sennheisers. I dedicate this one to the talented but still retired blogger Friend of Rachel Worth who commented back in June he has "a soft spot for A&B. It has 2 of the best tracks [Green Gartside] has done, the gorgeous brushed and the hooktastic tinseltown."

Scritti Politti - Brushed With Oil, Dusted With Powder


Echorich said...

Yup those are the moments to savor on A&B!! Even Green's least successful moments are miles ahead of what else was being released at the time. After Provision and the non-lp singles She's A Woman and Take Me In Your Arms And Love Me, it was a time of Grunge or Madchester -then Britpop- all of which were filled with bandwagon jumping artists at the time or releases from bands playing to the lowest common denominator to score a record contract. This is what moved me deeply into house music for much of the 90's and what probably kept Green from releasing much, well anything for the 8 yrs prior to A&B coming out.

friend of rachel worth said...

Thankyou Brian , I guess my soft spot is down to the 2 tracks you mention and the fact he realised that he had taken the sweetness as far as it could go and took a left turn. The sleeve design is a treat as well.