Monday, November 3, 2014

One Last Pile O' Peel

Let's conclude a wonderful week of Peel Sessions with appearances by some of my all-time favorite bands. Most of these songs have been properly released on B-sides (like the Smiths), deluxe editions (like the Housemartins), box sets (like Orange Juice), best ofs (like the June Brides) or complete "at the BBC" releases (like Pixies and OMD). Also, a few years ago EMI helped put out a terrific 41-track double CD called 'Movement - The Peel Sessions 1977-1979' that is a must for Peel fans that weren't around to record his show off the radio at the time. There are a few samples from that collection below. If you don't have time to listen to this mix, at least take a moment to hear John's opening spiel impersonation as done by Andy Partridge. Spot on. As an American, I barely know what he's saying, but it's a big smile. I got that one from a an XTC collection of BBC appearances called 'Drums and Wireless.' If you have a favorite Peel Session, I would love to hear about it.

Peel's XTC Intro by Andy Partridge

XTC - Meccanic Dancing (Oh We Go!) (Nov. 13, 1978)
The Housemartins - Get Up Off Our Knees (April 6, 1986)
The Specials - Gangsters (May 23, 1979)
Orange Juice - Falling and Laughing (Oct. 21, 1980)
Pixies - Wave of Mutilation (April 16, 1989)
OMD - Of All the Things We Made (Jan. 29, 1983)
The June Brides - We Belong (Oct. 22, 1985)
The Smiths - Rushholme Ruffians (Aug. 1, 1984)
Madness - The Prince (Aug. 14, 1979)
The Jam - In the City (April 26, 1977)


Séamus Duggan said...

Love the 'Peel' intro, and the songs too.

Dirk said...

My favourite one is the second one from The Popguns :-)

Good stuff throughout!

Brian said...

Seamus, my man, how the heck are you? Great stuff over at your place. Wanted to let you know the book Sniffin Glue will be on my Christmas list. Thanks for bringing it to light.

Ah, Dirk, we'll find it. You know, Popguns' new album will be on Matinee Recordings, and the label has a nice history of digging up treasures from the likes of Brighter, Siddeleys and Razorcuts. I correspond with the man behind the label from time to time. I'm going to suggest a Popguns project with BBC Sessions and reissues of Snog and Eugenie. Hear that, Jimmy?

Dirk said...

Great idea and if Wendy mention the both of us in the liner notes to it my life will be complete!

george said...

Hi Brian, The Triffds session from I think late 84 that had 3 songs, Field Of Glass, Monkey on My Back, and Bright Lights Big City is possibly my favourite.

Brian said...

Ooh... You go way back with them then. Unfortunately, I didn't discover their charms until just about the time they called it quits. Perhaps that session will pop up on your blog at some point.