Saturday, August 31, 2013

Another Report on Roddy

Can it get any better than Roddy Frame performing 'High Land, Hard Rain' in its entirety? Well, no, no it can't, but this is pretty damn close. Just two days after that colossal announcement on the trio of upcoming 30th anniversary shows we get more news from the man behind Aztec Camera. Here is the latest on Frame, via email blast from

"Over the summer months of 2013, [Roddy's] been recording at West Heath Studios in London and a new album is nearing completion. Co-produced with Sebastian Lewsley, this will be Roddy's first studio album since 2006. So far nameless, but with a release scheduled for springtime, the album already has a home at AED Records. This brings full-circle a friendship of thirty years, as AED is hosted by Edwyn Collins, Roddy's friend and label-mate back in the days of Postcard Records of Scotland."

Is this a good time to be a Frame fan, or what? While we are waiting for the big shows and new album, check out these Frame and Collins items at the AED store. Lots of cool Postcard apparel for purchase. I'm all over that "Just Like Gold" T-shirt.

Aztec Camera - Just Like Gold (mp3)

Update: The powers that be pulled the plug on the piece I posted on Friday, and I was sent a DMCA notice. So much for my attempts to help the Clash and their label sell copies of 'Live at Shea Stadium.' Is it getting hot in here, or is it just me?


friend of rachel worth said...

Thanks for the tip off in last post , got my tickets for the London gig yesterday

Brian said...

That's just great, FORW! I thought about you when the shows were announced.

I also thought about you when the latest from Lloyd Cole came out. I haven't really seen any bloggers comment on 'Standards.' You would have been the man for the job. What did you think? I got it as soon as it came out, but it is my first Cole album since 'Love Story.' So, I'm not really the authority on the subject.

jc said...

Hi Brian

By now you'll know my views on this...I'm going to wait and see the shows that support the new material.

Oh and the 'Just Like Gold' t-shirt is the very one I referred to in the posting over at my place!!