Thursday, February 28, 2013

Resurrecting Forgotten Ranking Roger Single

After General Public, Ranking Roger released 'Radical Departure,' a solo effort best known for "So Excited," a catchy single that was the darling of MTV's '120 Minutes' for a spell in 1988. I'm sure you remember that one. My guess is you are a little fuzzy on the rest of the album -- as you probably should be -- including the little-known fact there were actually two other singles issued.

One was "Falling Down," perhaps the least inspired side one track ones of all time. The suit that allowed the album to open with something other than "So Excited" should have been forced to clean the I.R.S. Records cafeteria for the rest of the '80s. (And I imagine certain members of the Cramps and Lords of the New Church were pretty messy while snacking on their 15-minute breaks.) The other single, however, sounded like something right out of the General Public playbook. "In Love With You" was far from the radical departure the album title suggested, but it was most welcome.

Ranking Roger - In Love With You (mp3)

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