Friday, February 8, 2013

Costello Collides With Madness in '83

My apologies in advance for the scratchy sounds from this ancient artifact, but here's a fun one from the flip side of Madness' "Tomorrow's (Just Another Day)" 12" single. As you probably know, producers Clive Langer and Alan Winstanley were working with both Madness ('The Rise and Fall' in 1982) and Elvis Costello ('Punch the Clock' in early 1983) around the time of this release. On the heels of the international smash "Our House," this single also fared quite well, at least in the UK, peaking at No. 8.

The version featured here, however, with Costello taking lead-vocal duties, is a complete rerecording of the single and LP version. It's slower and feels like it's being played in a dark lounge just before closing. I have always liked the vibe (and the vibraphone, for that matter). I know this isn't a time period we often listen to favorably, but if you're a fan of Costello or Madness and haven't heard this take, I think you will find it to be quite a curiosity. Have a good weekend.

Madness With Elvis Costello - Tomorrow's (Just Another Day) (mp3)

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