Friday, July 13, 2012

Wake Up, People! It's the Wake

If blogs could be infested, my recent post on the Wake would have been filled with the sound of chirping crickets. I haven't had fewer visitors since I admitted to liking the 'Xanadu' soundtrack. Uh, let's not start that again. Seriously, I thought more of you would enjoy the synth-driven songs of a Factory legend. So, I'm going to give it another go, and you had better like it this time, dammit!

This take of the single "Talk About the Past" was recorded for BBC Radio on Feb. 16, 1984. It was first transmitted on Kid Jensen's show one week later. "Something Outside" was the Wake's first successful single. The following is a live version recorded at Scotland's Ayr Pavilion on April 15, 1983. Both of these songs can be found on the 2001 LTM compilation 'Assembly.'

The Wake - Talk About the Past (mp3)
The Wake - Something Outside (mp3)

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