Monday, July 16, 2012

The Vinyl Villain Spins Again

It's not just another Monday. After a few weeks on hiatus,
The Vinyl Villain is due back today, and I think this feeling that something is amiss is about to dissipate. You see, for me, visiting JC's blog is as normal a daily activity as shaving or changing my socks. Wouldn't you feel odd if you were wearing yesterday's underwear? Never mind. I don't want to know.

For the past week, I have been thinking about a tune I could dedicate to the Vinyl Villain. Through the years he has helped me discover and rediscover so many great songs. The first band that came to mind was, for at least three reasons, Orange Juice. First, I found the blog because of this incredible moment I happened upon while searching for Orange Juice info back in 2008. Second, when it comes to overall presentation, the best box set I have ever owned is Orange Juice's 'Coals to Newcastle,' and the Vinyl Villain's name actually appears on it. I know this is something he's pretty proud of (as he should be!), and it always gives me a smile when I see it. Third, on Wednesday, I was listening to KEXP in Seattle when they played "Three Cheers for Our Side." I have never heard Orange Juice on a radio station before... ever! I took it as a sign.

Welcome back, pal, and thanks for the passion you put into the Vinyl Villain. Just know you have quite a few die-hard fans out here. Three cheers for you!

Orange Juice - Three Cheers for Our Side (mp3)
(from BBC Radio, John Peel, Aug. 1981)

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Dirk said...

Yes, absolutely!!!

Tricia said...

Best idea ever, Brian. So much fun reading the song(s) that connected everyone to TVV.

Swiss Adam said...

Well done Brian, good work. Acid Ted did a post too.

Brian said...

Thanks Swiss Adam. Acid Ted tricked me with two posts on the same day. I completely missed the one to Jim. I have added it above and emailed him as well. I also sent all of our thank you posts to Jim (in case he missed something). Hope he likes them. Take care of yourself.

Anonymous said...

Didn't mean to be so tricky. thanks to you for organising

Uncle E said...

Man I love that OJ box set! Didn't know the Villain was mentioned, will have to take another look! I will for sure have to check out that new Dexy's, I hear it's pretty special. Thanks for visiting my blog the other day, BTW.

Uncle E

Uncle E said...

Oh, but did the glue come off your 'booklet' portion? Mine did. sigh.

Brian said...

Hey Uncle E. I have heard about the OJ box problem... maybe from you, actually. So far, mine has held together, but I have been ridiculously careful. You'll find JC's name in the invaluable contributions portion on the last page before the CD sleeves.