Friday, February 10, 2012

Not Quite Midnight for Dexys After All

Kevin Rowland has been claiming for years we would hear a new album from Dexys Midnight Runners (or Dexys, as they are now called). Via Facebook, Rowland has cried "wolf!" again. This time, however, there is audio evidence and a release date to back his claims. 'One Day I'm Going to Soar' will be out June 4, the band's first new album in 27 years. If you're American, there's a good chance you could care less. On this side of the pond, all most of us know is "Come on Eileen." First off, that should be enough for you to care... what a classic. Even my late father liked it. Secondly, if you do lump them among the many one-hit wonders from that era, you need a little learnin'. While you're at it, listen to something besides "Perfect Way" from Scritti Politti, too.

Between 1979 and 1986, Dexys Midnight Runners had 12 singles chart in the UK. Here is the video for their biggest song outside of "Come on Eileen," as well as a small sample of new material the band released today. A tour has been promised, but I assume they will stick to Europe.


Echorich said...

Can't wait for this!!
Can I just mention that Kevin Rowland is the FUNNIEST guy I have ever had the privelige to get blind stinkingly drunk with!.
LOOONG story short, I worked at NYC's Limelight Club in the late 80's and early 90's and Kevin spent some quality time in NYC one summer working on an album which I doubt ever came out...or at least not at the time. He was in the club VIP room one night, drinking on his own and chatting with one of the hosts. I came over, did my bit to tell him how much I admired his music, and 4 hours and many bottles of cognac and Grand Marnier later, we were scraping each other off the floor and out into the morning sunshine. He's a man with many opinions, but there is a real humorous and not so serious side to him as well.

Brian said...

Your tale was a big fat smile on this gloomy Sunday. Thanks for that.