Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hoodoo Gurus Haven't Gone Way of Dino

I always liked the power pop of Hoodoo Gurus in a greatest hits sort of way. "I Want You Back," "Like, Wow – Wipeout!" and "Come Anytime" were easily digestible pieces of '80s alt rock I still listen to fondly, but I haven't really thought about the band as a current entity for a couple of decades. I had no idea but, it turns out, after a lengthy hiatus in the late '90s and early '00s, Hoodoo Gurus reunited in '03 and have since released two studio albums, including 'Purity of Essence' in 2010. One song, "Use-By Date," was a digital bonus track from that set. Now it's the new single from a 20-track best-of collection -- available as an Aussie import March 16 -- called 'Gold Watch.' Check out the stellar tracklist, as well as a classic and brand-new video.

'Gold Watch: 20 Golden Greats' Tracklist
New single (2012):
1. Use-By Date
From the "Leilani" 7" single(1982):
2. Leilani
From 'Stoneage Romeos'(1984):
3. Tojo
4. My Girl
5. I Want You Back
From 'Mars Needs Guitars!' (1985):
6. Bittersweet
7. Like, Wow – Wipeout!
8. Death-Defying
From 'Blow Your Cool!' (1987):
9. What's My Scene?
10. Good Times
From 'Magnum Cum Louder'(1989):
11. Come Anytime
12. Axegrinder
From 'Kinky' (1991):
13. Miss Freelove '69
14. 1000 Miles Away
15. Castles In The Air
From 'Crank' (1993):
16. The Right Time
From 'In Blue Cave'(1996):
17. Waking Up Tired
From 'Mach Schau' (2004):
18. When You Get To California
From 'Purity of Essence'(2010):
19. Hope You're Happy
20. Crackin' Up

Hoodoo Gurus Use-By Date from Dan on Vimeo.

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thanks for the update...good to know they have a new disc