Monday, March 14, 2011

Nick Lowe's Second LP Reissued

Yep Roc has been a great steward of the Nick Lowe catalog. The label was behind his last two releases ('The Convincer' and 'At My Age'), and it has reissued a few others ('The Impossible Bird,' 'Dig My Mood' and 'Jesus of Cool'). And let's not forget the live 'Untouched Takeaway' album those folks put out several years ago. The best part is, I believe, all but the live album are available on vinyl. So, Yep Roc's next step is to give Lowe's second solo album, 'Labour of Lust,' the same treatment as his debut, 'Jesus of Cool.' The big day arrives tomorrow, and you can pick it up
right here. If you want it on wax, try here.

Now, I have owned 'Labour of Lust' on CD since the early '90s. I have the UK version that Demon released in 1990, and I always considered myself quite lucky to have picked it up when I lived in Japan. This is the one with the UK-only song "Endless Grey Ribbon." It doesn't, however, have the U.S.-only song "American Squirm," but that didn't bother me since I had that tune on the Stiff Records box set and on Lowe's first best-of compilation. Both of these songs are found on Yep Roc's new take. The real win for me, though, is the new set ends with the B-side bonus track "Basing Street." Not only do I not have this song, but I have never even heard it. That song would be enough to get me off my duff to get the new 'Labour of Lust,' but the added bonus of a 12-page booklet puts it over the top. My Demon version has four photos of Lowe and almost no information about the record.

I imagine most Lowe fans have heard almost all of 'Labour of Lust.' It's probably the best Rockpile ever sounded. Yes, all of Rockpile played on this one. Six of the original 11 songs from the record would show up later on 'Basher: The Best of Nick Lowe.' For a little taste of this record, I have decided to go a little deeper to play one of my favorites. For more on 'Labour of Lust,' enjoy this interview Lowe did for Yep Roc.

Nick Lowe - Dose of You (mp3)

'Labour of Lust' Tracklist
1. Cruel To Be Kind
2. Cracking Up
3. Big Kick, Plain Scrap
4. American Squirm
5. Born Fighter 3:08
6. You Make Me
7. Skin Deep
8. Switchboard Susan
9. Endless Grey Ribbon
10. Without Love
11. Dose Of You
12. Love So Fine
13. Basing Street (Bonus Track)

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