Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Mike Watt Album Out Today

None of the 30 songs on Mike Watt's 'Hyphenated-Man' clock in at more than 124 seconds, and many of them are about a minute long. Sounds a lot like classic Minutemen, eh? That's because Watt got inspired when he went back and listened to the work of his old band for the first time in many years. He was impressed with the bare-bones "econo" sound. Now, I am a huge fan of his two old groups, Minutemen and fIREHOSE. In fact, I believe fIREHOSE may be my most seen live band. But sometime after 'Ball Hog or Tugboat,' Watt's first "solo" album was released, I sort of lost track of the bass god. This new album, however, could bring me back in the fold. The only song I have heard so far is the one below, but I like it a lot. I'll be giving 'Hyphenated-Man' a go.

Mike Watt - Arrow-Pierced-Egg-Man (mp3)

'Hyphenated-Man' Tracklist
1. Arrow-Pierced-Egg-Man
2. Beak-Holding-Letter-Man
3. Hammering-Castle-Bird-Man
4. Bird-in-the-Helmet-Man
5. Belly-Stabbed-Man
6. Stuffed-in-the-Drum-Man
7. Baby-Cradling-Tree-Man
8. Hollowed-Out-Man
9. Finger-Pointing-Man
10. Own-Horn-Blowing-Man
11. Fryingpan-Man
12. Head-and-Feet-Only-Man
13. Shield-Shouldered-Man
14. Cherry-Head-Lover-Man
15. Mouse-Headed-Man
16. Antlered-Man
17. Pinned-to-the-Table-Man
18. Confused-Parts-Man
19. Bell-Rung-Man
20. Boot-Wearing-Fish-Man
21. Thistle-Headed-Man
22. Funnel-Capped-Man
23. Blowing-It-Out-Both-Ends-Man
24. Jug-Footed-Man
25. Lute-and-Dagger-Man
26. Mockery-Robed-Man
27. Hill-Man
28. Hell-Building-Man
29. Man-Shitting-Man
30. Wheel-Bound-Man

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