Sunday, December 20, 2015

Favorite Songs of 2015

I decided to draw the line at 30 this year (31, if you look closely), and that meant leaving many songs on the outside looking in, including the likes of Sarah Cracknell, Belle and Sebastian, Paul Weller, Comet Gain, Nic Hessler, Gwenno, Cattle, Wreckless Eric, the Chills, Chris Stamey, the Outdoor Type, Wire, Postal Blue, FFS... I could go on and on. As you would expect, lots of jangle to wrangle and quite a few old mature acts that continue to impress lo these many years, but there were many new discoveries too. Hopefully you find something here to like as well.

30. Goodly Thousands - "Walking Home"
30. Try the Pie - "It's Been Days"
29. Boyracer - "Everyone's a Critic"
28. Colorworks - "Paris, You Take Care"
27. The Spook School - "Burn Masculinity"
26. La Luz - "I Wanna Be Alone (With You)"
25. Eleanor Friedberger - "He Didn't Mention His Mother"
24. Crayon Fields - "Love Won't Save You"
23. Destroyer - "Dream Lover"
22. Blur - "Ong Ong"
21. Strawberry Whiplash - "Time Takes You Away"
20. Makeout Vertigo - "Parking Lot Snots"
19. The Mantles - "Hate to See You Go"
18. Twerps - "Back to You"
17. The Fireworks - "Tightrope"
16. Lunchbox - "Heaven"
15. The Hermit Crabs - "I'm a Fool"
14. Finnmark! - "Can't Go On"
13. Mammoth Penguins - "Propped Up"
12. Courtney Barnett - "Pedestrian at Best"
11. Expert Alterations - "You Can't Always Be Liked"
10. The Luxembourg Signal - "Dying Star (Cirrus)"
9. Brideshead - "At 45 Rpm"
8. Popguns - "Bn3"
7. Moon Types - "Know the Reason"
6. The Granite Shore - "Nine Days' Wonder"
5. Robert Forster - "Let Me Imagine You"
4. The Monochrome Set - "Iceman"
3. Lightning in a Twilight Hour - "The Memory Museum"
2. The Catenary Wires - "When You Walk Away"
1. The School - "Love Is Anywhere You Find It"


The Swede said...

You introduced me to many of the artists on this list Brian - The School, Granite Shore and La Luz being particularly welcome additions to the family. I'll be diligently listening through the whole 31 later (or at least the ones I don't know) to refresh my memory and/or pick up on any others that slipped through the net.

TheRobster said...

The School at #1? Wow, big surprise. Never expected that... ;-)

charity chic said...

Brian you have turned me on to The School this year and many others. Cheers

Echorich said...

Great list Brian! I've done you the favor of including a few of those bubbling under artists you mentioned in your lead paragraph in my list, so they will get an airing.
Thanks again for a year of introducing me to some great music. I am always thankful for the small group of blogs which I depend on for broadening my musical horizons, your certainly among them!
I've got the first 10 of my Top 40 posted and I look forward to your opinon/shock/horror!
Best wishes for a peaceful end to 2015 and looking to 2016 in wonderment (or is that Wondermint?)

Dirk said...

An impressive list, Brian, and of course the majority of the tunes is not yet known to me, which just shows what an old fashioned fart I really am! Nevertheless I will use my free week to listen to them all, I'm sure they're all wonderful!

Have a very merry Cristmas, okay? Also all the very best for 2016!


charity chic said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours Brian

C said...

Wow, lots to work my way through here, I admire you list-makers all!
A very happy Christmas to you and yours, Brian, see you next year.

Judge Pop said...

Hi Brian

As ever, quite a few of my favoutires in there and a pleasure to feature alongside greats such as Robert Fortster. Wendy & I saw him a few weeks back and got the signed set list! We also recorded a couple of new acoustic songs over the holidays .... listen here

Happy new year


Brian said...

Happy new year to Mr. and Mrs. P. These songs are just lovely. Going in for another listen. Great for in front of the fire on this cold evening.