Sunday, June 29, 2014

Cover Me Impressed: 'Think About Your Troubles'

The other day my pal Uncle E at 500 Reasons Why the 80's Didn't Suck wrote about his infatuation with Jellyfish, and that has had me on a quite a kick. I'm pulling this one out because it's a new week, full of promise, and I would like to take last week and throw it into the river along with Harry Nilsson's teacup of tears. Nilsson is an old standby from my earliest days of listening to music, and Jellyfish does a fairly faithful rendition here. It's funny. When I listen to the original it sounds like Jellyfish to me now. You can find it on 'For the Love of Harry: Everybody Sings Nilsson.' It's a 1995 compilation with contributions from some of my favorite artists, including Ron Sexsmith, Marshall Crenshaw and Brian Wilson. I have seen the CD selling for a buck in budget bins. If you happen upon it, do pick it up. Let's all have a great week.

Harry Nilsson - Think About Your Troubles
Jellyfish - Think About Your Troubles

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