Monday, March 25, 2013

Billy MacKenzie's First Solo LP Reissued

I consider myself a pretty big fan of the Associates, but I must admit I have never owned Billy MacKenzie's first solo album, 'Outernational.' For shame. I plan to take care of my shortcoming this week when the 1992 LP gets remastered and re-released on Cherry Red, complete with bonus tracks like the US 60659 Mix of "Colours Will Come," the one song I know from the album. I'm sure there must be followers of the late great MacKenzie out there. If you're familiar with 'Outernational,' please give me your thoughts. What have I been missing all of these years?

For more on the life of this great artist we lost way too soon, you might enjoy 'The Glamour Chase,' either in book form or the documentary below:


Echorich said...

I think Outernational is a wonderful album. A mixture of Mackenzie/Associate sounds, Eurodance and House influences - it's an album that reflects it's time but is filled with gorgeous vocals and arrangements.
Billy makes soulful house sound like he invented it on Opal Krusch.
The springtime R&B of Colours Will Come puts a smile on my face and makes me wish I was one of the backing vocalist witnessing his genius.
Basicallly this album makes me wanna get up and dance around...

Brian said...

Thanks Echorich. I appreciate the insight. Looking forward to this one.