Thursday, September 13, 2012

EBTG Week: Favorite Singles

I am a little worried about how to share a mix of my favorite hits from Everything But The Girl without giving away the farm and getting cuffed by the music police. So, I'm going old-school MTV style. It has been fun. I haven't watched some of these video promos in years, and there are even two I had never seen before today. On top of being a damn fine compilation, I think this group of videos are quite representative of EBTG's evolution from first single through fourth album.

"Night and Day" sounds like the simple lo-fi beginnings of the couple's solo albums. The jazz-influenced sophista-pop of the band's debut album gave way to jangle on 'Love Not Money.' The duo really went HUGE with lush orchestration and straight-ahead radio-friendly pop on 'Baby, The Stars Shine Bright.' By 'Idlewild,' EBTG began a lengthy foray into adult contemporary that turned off many longtime fans but still spawned some beautiful work.

Well, I have to admit I'm one of the fans I just wrote about. I have all four of EBTG's '80s albums (and a few odds and ends, like the "Night and Day" 12"). I consider them absolute treasures and still spin them with regularity. All four of these albums were just reissued as double-disc deluxe editions chock full of extras. Besides the wonderful 'Essence and Rare' compilation, I have never owned even so much as a single of the band's '90s output. I don't feel like I turned on them. Sometimes it just happens. If you want to blame someone, blame the Pixies.

Up Next: In conclusion... covers, rare and news on Thorn

"Night and Day" (mp3)
from "Night and Day" single (1982)

"Each and Every One"
from 'Eden' (1984)

"Native Land"
from 'Everything But The Girl' (1984)

"When All's Well"
from 'Love Not Money' (1985)

"Come on Home"
from 'Baby The Stars Shine Bright' (1986)

"Don't Leave Me Behind"
from 'Baby The Stars Shine Bright' (1986)

"Love Is Here Where I Live"
from 'Idlewild' (1988)


Echorich said...

All brilliant! Tracey and Ben were among the first of Morrissey and Marr's biggest fans and promoters. The Moxham brothers of Young Marble Giants fame were also to be found filling out the sound of those first few releases.
I am a bit of a EBTG Trainspotter/Completist...this has cost me some money over the years, but all well spent.

Brian said...

Ah, Echorich, I know that illness well. And how about Marr's sunglasses in the 'Native' video? Wow! Still, cool to see him. It's amazing how many times he pops up on records I love.