Monday, September 26, 2011

What I'm Diggin': Spectrals, Veronica Falls

A couple of UK bands from the Slumberland Records stable are holding the attention of these ears this week, and both of them have long-awaited debut albums that should catch the attention of the indie crowd. Like most Slumberland bands, Spectrals and Veronica Falls sound like they are from a bygone era and, yet, cutting edge at the same time. Check out the latest singles and videos below. The Spectrals album, 'Bad Penny,' will be out Oct. 25 here in America, and you can preorder it here. As for the self-titled album from Veronica Falls, it cam out last week. Get it here.

Spectrals - Get a Grip (mp3)
Veronica Falls - Bad Feeling (mp3)

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