Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cars Ready to Put It in 'Drive'

I wouldn't normally waste a post just for a piece of art but, hey, I'll make an exception for this band. We are inching ever closer to the reality of a reunited Cars. After three tiny snippets of new songs from the band's Facebook page, now we have an album cover, news of a new label and a release date for a full-length album. Concord Music and the Cars will give us 'Move Like This' on May 10. Man, that's a long time, but we have already waited 24 years for this moment. So, what's a few more months. Here are a couple of live performances to fill the gap.

The Cars - Nightspots (Live: 9/14/78) (mp3)
The Cars - You Might Think (Live: 9/11/84) (mp3)

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