Wednesday, April 15, 2015

New Songs From Elefant's Trunk

We just got a couple of teases from two impending releases I have been anticipating for ages. "Intravenous," the first official single from the Catenary Wires, is available now for download. The song will be included on the duo's 10" mini album (and CD), 'Red Red Skies,' in June. The B-side, "You Save Me From Myself," is exclusive to this digital download, making this a must purchase for those of us who can't resist each and every note from Amelia Fletcher and Rob Pursey... they of Talulah Gosh, Heavenly, Marine Research and Tender Trap fame. You might be surprised at the stripped-down and mature sound from these legendary indie-pop purveyors, but I rather like the new direction. You can purchase the single on iTunes or at Elefant's Bandcamp page.


The School's 'Reading Too Much Into Things Like Everything' was No. 2 on my list of best albums in 2012. We still don't quite know when the followup will be out, but Elefant says, "We promise, you won't have to wait much longer." In the meantime, we have this wonderful 4-song EP to whet our insatiable appetites for bands that pay homage to '60s girl groups and the Beach Boys. The label pressed 500 copies of the "All I Want From You Is Everything" 7" on beautiful white vinyl with download. The title track and "I Will See You Soon" will be on the new album, but the other two songs are exclusive to this EP. Here in America, ordering from Darla is your best bet. In Europe, grab it directly from Elefant. Now bring on the new album!


  1. Elefant is just about the best label out there right now. I admire their drive for a certain sound and feel with the bands they sign and I bet that's part of the attraction for those bands as well! Good, good stuff!

  2. Years ago I mailordered a 7" from Darla over to Germany, which, to my great dismay, never arrived. Obviously I don't know whether Darla messed it up or if it was the post, but Darla declined to offer any refund ... but either way: a good label they were!

  3. I don't know this label or these bands at all, but enjoyed the tunes. 'Intravenous' especially. I'd like to hear more by The Catenary Wires.

  4. I sure hate to hear that Dirk... especially since I ordered that School EP from them before I went to bed last night.

    You certainly said it, Echorich. Elefant is a top-notch label, and I only hear a slice of what they have to offer. I often pass over the Spanish bands, and I'm sure that's a mistake.

    Hey, Swede. The School has had two well-done albums. Based on your posts, trying to decide if it would be too pop for you. Don't want to put you in a box as your tastes are quite varied. As for the Catenary Wires, I will buy anything Amelia puts on wax. Elephant is out of Spain, and they have signed some great UK bands through the years, including Primitives, BMX Bandits, the Clientele and many more. Right up my alley.

  5. Oops, Swede, meant Elefant, not Elephant. Duh.